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Brief Introduction of Institute of Applied Linguistics

Institute of Applied Linguistics in Shanghai Normal University was founded in June 2002. The first director of the Institute is Professor Fan Kaitai and the second director is Professor Qi Huyang. At present, there are 18 members (including 4 part-time members) in the Institute and 8 of those are professors. The main research orientations of the Institute are Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK: Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi), grammatical theory and application and Chinese Information Processing. The Institute also undertakes teaching and training work of graduates and postgraduates besides research tasks.
The honorary director of the Institute is Mr. Zhang Bin, a very famous linguist in China. The Ph. D. program of modern Chinese in Shanghai Normal University was set up in 1985 and Mr. Zhang Bin, the head of the senior generation of linguists, together with other senior linguists, devoted much energy to the construction of the subject of linguistics and applied linguistics. Although he is over 90 years old, Mr. Zhang Bin still adheres to instructing the postgraduates himself. The academic tradition, which comes down in one continuous line conducted by Mr. Zhang Bin, is deeply rooted in the heart of the young generation of linguists.
Professor Fan Kaitai, the first director of the Institute, is the founder of the subject of linguistics and applied linguistics in Shanghai Normal University. Under his leadership, the Ph. D. program of linguistics and applied linguistics was successfully approved in 2000. He acutely noticed the difference of the research orientations between the subject of Chinese philology and linguistics and applied linguistics and established Institute of Applied Linguistics which is different from the Language Institute in nature. 
Professor Qi Huyang, the second director of the Institute, works very hard in the construction of the subject of linguistics and applied linguistics. Under the auspices of Professor Qi Huyang, the Key Discipline of TCFL (Teach Chinese as a Foreign Language) in Shanghai (phase II) was successfully approved in 2005 and smoothly passed the experts’ accreditation in 2008. The Key Research Base of Humanities and Social Science of Universities in Shanghai was successfully approved in 2007. In 2009, Professor Qi Huyang was appointed as an expert of the National Social Science Foundation Jury Group and became the first professor who has got such high academic status in Shanghai Normal University. 

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